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Address Management

AFTS Commercial Address Processing Services are designed to convert your data into a format you can deal with while getting you the largest postage discount possible on USPS mail.

The service takes your addresses and performs any or all of the following functions:

Input from various mediums and disparate formats.
Formats include (but not limited to):
ASCII delimited text files
DBF files
XLS/X files
Flat Files
Most Data Software Output
Optimized sortation
By Mail Class: First Class, Standard, Periodicals, or PSVC
Mail Pieces may be: Letters, Postcards, Flats, Irregular Pieces
Mailings may qualify for these discounts: Automation, Carrier Route, Basic Presort

Your sortation comes with completed computer generated qualification reports and mailing statements.

Merge/Purge/Selection of addresses - including duplicate elimination, n-th selection or any criteria you specify.

If someone in your list has moved, our NcoaLinkTM service will update your mailing list with their new address

Output may also be fed into AFTS's Laser Printing Services.

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