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Bi-Weekly Financing

Bi-Weekly Program Made Easy!
We Do The Work, You Receive The Benefits!

AFTS Contract Collections Bi-weekly division provides third-party handling of financial obligations on behalf of the client utilizing the Bi-weekly Accelerated Loan Servicing program. This allows for 26 debits per year, making for an additional payment per year, which benefits the client by reducing principal balance, saving money on interest assessed and reducing the life of the loan. 

The AFTS system handles your account with specialized computer technology and qualified staff working with funds transfer and accounting. This service is ideal for mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans or student loans -- any obligation involving a periodic payment.

For informatoin on how to setup a Bi-weekly Accelerated Loan Servicing account contact us at (800) 275-2033 or email to obtain an enrollment form, allowing for the necessary information needed to service your payment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

AFTS is Registered with Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

NMLS ID #337842