NCOA (Change Of Address) Move Problems

AFTS helps our customers meet their USPS MoveUpdate requirements through our 18-month NCOA updating process.

Occasionally COA (Change of Address) situations are not entered correctly by customers, which result in inaccurate updates when we process our customer files.

A common problem has to do with Family vs. Individual moves. This occurs when an individual (child possibly) is moving out of the family home and files a COA with the USPS. If the COA form is accidentally checked as a FAMILY MOVE (or the USPS incorrectly entered that information). The entire family (surname matching) now has moved to the individualís new address.

The USPS does not have a procedure for rescinding or changing a previously filed COA. The only procedure is for the individual to file a new COA indicating a FAMILY MOVE back to the family home. Then move information will be erased from the NCOA systems.

The individual can then file an INDIVIDUAL MOVE (first name + surname matching) COA to correctly enter their move.

Move information is retained by the USPS for up to 48 months, however, mail forwarding officially ends after 18 months.