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Forms, Inventory, Purchasing Specialist;  Client Services

Forms/Inventory/Purchasing Specialist

Reports to: Operations Manager
Department: Client Services
Division: Statement Processing
Date: 2017

In charge of forms design, insert design, inventory of stock, and purchasing of stock.
Is project coordinator for one-off mailings.  

1.Design and update client artwork including statement stock, envelopes and inserts.
2.Obtain quotes, and purchase stock for mailings.
3.Manage outsourced printing projects and act as liaison for clientele
4.Manage one-off and annual jobs as needed
5.Coordinate monthly statement message updates and mailing inserts.
6.Assist with inventory management and stock orders
7.Assist other departments in designing marketing materials as needed.
8.Interface with Clients about their printing needs

The person filling this position should have well developed interpersonal skills, be detail oriented and self-motivated. Have demonstrated knowledge of the printing industry, solid command of basic microprocessor applications, and be accustomed to working in a team setting. Client Services is expected to interface with Operations on a daily basis to ensure job processing, scheduling and mailing dates meet the customer service needs of AFTS. Cross-departmental relations are integral to this position. In addition, this position is expected to maintain project organization as well as procedural documentation and updating.  

 Ability to read, write and speak English: Must be fluent
 Adobe Acrobat, InDesign and Photoshop: Intermediate
Microsoft Word and Publisher: Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook and Excel: Basic
RGB. CMYK, and Spot color systems and converting between them.
Attention to detail and acute awareness of alignment and measurements.
Strong analytical and grammatical skills as well as proficient writing skills.
Cognitive problem solving skills, including independent research and resourcefulness.
Ability to efficiently self-teach and absorb new information quickly.
Ability to adapt to a changing environment, handle multiple priorities and frequent interruptions.

 Basic skill set and knowledge of FoxPro.
 Knowledge and familiarity of printing/mailing industry and USPS regulations.

AFTS has been providing cost effective solutions to data processing, invoicing, statement printing, mailing and payment collection through automated lock-box functions since 1971. The Statement Processing division is responsible for processing incoming data, printing and prepping mail for delivery to the USPS.

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