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About Contract Services

Once you have AFTS servicing your contracts you have a team that will:

● Handle all dealings with respect to a contractual obligation between two individuals.
● Supply the payor of an obligation with payment coupons and courtesy reply labels to facilitate making payments.
● Enable a payor to have a bank account automatically charged for each periodic obligation (at the payor's option and at no charge).
● Have a professional organization correctly calculate interest, late charges, due dates, etc. to minimize potential disputes.
● Mail late notices if payments get behind up to 90 days.
● Automatically deposit money in your bank account regardless of the mail or whether you are even in town.
● Mail annual statements to all parties (and the IRS) regarding the tax consequences of the contract.
● We offer: the Best pricing, Electronic disbursements, 
● Early mail pickups
● Same day notice mailing, Faxing or E-mail 
● Provide friendly, fast customer service.

Collecting and accounting for periodic payments is more complicated than it used to be. There are new regulations from the IRS , differing methods of computing interest, changing payments, balloon payments, and provisions for late charges.

The AFTS System handles all this and more with the latest computer technology and a staff of experts in funds transfer and accounting. Our system is ideal for real estate notes and contracts, personal loans, rentals, student loans, campground contracts, and membership fees of all kinds. In fact, it is ideal for any obligation involving periodic payments like rents and leases. We can tailor our services to fit your needs.

Some of the services available from AFTS are: 

● Payment coupon books
● Courtesy reply labels
● Internet inquiry of account history
● Automatic debits & disbursements
● Payment notices to payee and payor
     ALSO NOTE These can be e-mail notices if you prefer!
● Delinquent payment notices
● Late charge capability
● Reserve accounting (for taxes and insurance)
● Amortization schedules
● Account history ledgers
● IRS 1098 and 1099 forms
● Payoff quotes by written request
● Consolidated investor reports
● Multiple disbursements

AFTS is Registered with Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

NMLS ID #337842