Move Codes (m_Forward)

Results of lookup.  Related to Match Flag in COA records.

Forwardable Move New Address Provided

A - COA Match
91 - COA Match: Secondary Number dropped from COA
92 - COA Match: Secondary Number Dropped from input address

Found COA / New address not returned

01 - Foreign Move
02 - Moved Left No Address (MLNA)
03 - Box Closed No Order (BCNO)
05 - New 11-digit DPBC is Ambiguous
14 - New Address Would Not Convert at Run Time
19 - New Address not ZIP+4 coded

The following Codes are returned in this field when a COA match is not made indicating reasons for no match

Cannot Match COA
00 - No Match
04 - Street Address with Secondary
06 - Conflicting Directions: Middle Name Related
07 - Conflicting Directions: Gender Related
08 - Other Conflicting Instructions
09 - High-rise Default
10 - Rural Default
11 - Individual Match: Insufficient COA Name for Match
12 - Middle Name Test Failed
13 - Gender Test Failed
15 - Individual Name Insufficient
16 - Secondary Number Discrepancy
17 - Other Insufficient Name
18 - General Delivery
20 - Conflicting Directions after re-chaining
66 - Input Address appears in Daily Delete suppression file

Move Type Codes (Move_Type)

Type of move record:

B - Business (matched by company name).
F - Family (matched by last name).
I - Individual (matched by first and last name).

Move Date Codes (Eff_Date)

Effective date of move month & year only (yyyymm):

Status/Error Codes (c_ErrCode)

This field includes a Status Code if a ZIP code is assigned to the address, or an Error Code if the address is unassigned.

Status Codes

A status code tells you how an address was corrected or standardized.  A status code consists of a letter and a three-digit number. 

First Character:
S - Standardized wthout truncating.
A - Address line was truncated.
C - City name was truncated.
B - Both the address line and the city name were truncated.

Second Digit: Last line standardization
0 - No change
1 - ZIP code was changed
2 - City was changed
3 - City and ZIP were changed
4 - State was changed
5 - State and ZIP were changed
6 - City and state were changed
7 - City, state, and ZIP were changed
8 - ZIP+4 was changed
9 - ZIP+4 and ZIP were changed
A - ZIP+4 and city were changed
B - ZIP+4, ZIP, and city changed
C - ZIP+4 and state changed
D - ZIP+4, ZIP, and state
E - ZIP+4, city, and state
F - ZIP+4, ZIP, city, and state

Third digit: Delivery address standardization
0 - No change
1 - Suffix changed
2 - Predirectional changed
3 - Predirectional and suffix
4 - Postdirectional
5 - Suffix and postdirectional
6 - Predirectional + postdirectional
7 - Pre- + post-directional + suffix
8 - Primary name (street)
9 - Primary name and suffix
A - Predirectional and primary
B - Predirectional,primary,suffix
C - Primary and postdirectional
D - Primary,suffix,postdirectional
E - Pre- + post-directional+primary
F - Pre- + post-directional, primary, and suffix

Fourth Digit: Extra info standardization
0 - No change
1 - Unit designator changed
2 - Delivery point (DPBC) code changed
3 - DP code and unit designator
4 - Carrier route (CART) changed
5 - CART and unit designator
6 - CART and DPBC code
7 - CART, DPBC code, and unit designator
8 - County code changed
9 - County code and unit designator
A - County code and DPBC code
B - County, DPBC codes,unit designator
C - County and CART codes
D - County, CART, unit designator
E - County, CART, DPBC codes
F - County, CART, DPBC,unit designator

Error Codes

Error codes begin with the letter "E" for "error".  Most error codes mean that something is wrong with the input data.  "Error" codes do not mean that there was a mistake in processing, just that it was unsuccessful.

E101 - Last line is bad or missing
E212 - No city and bad ZIP/postal code
E213 - Bad city valid state/province and no ZIP
E214 - Bad city and bad ZIP/postal code
E216 - Bad ZIP can't determine which city match to select
E302 - No primary address line parsed
E412 - Street name not found in directory
E413 - Possible street-name matches too close to choose
E420 - Primary range is missing
E421 - Primary range is invalid for the street/route/bldg
E422 - Predirectional needed input is wrong or missing
E423 - Suffix needed input is wrong or missing
E425 - Suffix and directional needed input is wrong or missing
E427 - [Post] Directional needed input is wrong or missing
E428 - Bad ZIP can't select an address match
E429 - Bad city can't select an address match
E430 - Possible address-line matches too close to choose one
E431 - Urbanization needed input is wrong or missing
E432 - The address conflicts with zip the same street has a different zip
E433 - Address conflicts with the postal code different street name existst for iinput zip
E434 - No street assignment was possible there was a duplicate zip match
E435 - No street assignment no postal code
E436 - No street assignment postal code not matched
E437 - Multiple match different directory areas
E439 - Exact match made in EWS directory
E450 - High rank has out-of-range suite
E451 - High rank has out-of-range PO box
E452 - PO Box vs. civic postal-code mismatch
E453 - Multiple suite ranking conflict
E500 - Other error
E501 - Foreign address
E502 - Input record entirely blank
E503 - ZIP not in area covered by partial ZIP+4 directory
E504 - Overlapping ranges in ZIP+4 directory
E505 - Undeliverable address, not available in USPS Data
E600 - Marked by USPS as unsuitable for delivery of mail
E601 - Primary number does not DPV confirm, ZIP+4 will be removed