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Our Policies, Terms, and


Cutoff Times: 
All payments received at PO Box 34108, Seattle WA 98124 at the first mail pickup of the day will be posted that day. Mail received at later PO Box pickups will be posted as having been received on the next banking day.
The following will be posted the following banking day as if they had been received the actual day of receipt:
Payments received at our Seattle street mailing addresses
Payments made in person
Payments by Web Pay prior to 3:00pm on banking days (, Payment by Phone Pay by 3:00pm on banking days (206-254-9955)
or Any payment made by wire transfer.

All disbursement checks will be mailed via first class mail within a day of the payment being received and posted. ACH disbursements will be initiated the same day that payments are posted with a settlement date two banking days later. Checks deposited by us may take up to two days before funds become available within the banking system ("collected /  available funds"). Any interest earned on funds that become "available funds" prior to settlement dates (for ACH disbursements) or clearing dates (for check disbursements) will be used by AFTS to reduce the costs associated with providing such services. No charges will be made for funds that become "available funds" after settlement or clearing dates. 

Replacement Checks: 
All checks are marked "VOID AFTER 90 DAYS" and may not be cashed after that time. Lost checks or checks that are older than 90 days will be replaced only AFTER the return of the check. We will periodically attempt to contact payees regarding uncashed checks. A $10.00 service charge will be deducted from the replacement check for the first and each additional attempt to contact you. 

Payments returned due to insufficient funds (NSF) from checks or electronic debits (ACH) will incur a service charge. Disbursements of funds have already occurred by the time NSF items are returned. AFTS will initially attempt to collect the funds directly from the payor while informing the payee. If not collectable from the payor, the payee will be asked to return the full amount of the NSF check. This will include previously disbursed funds plus any buyer and seller fees and NSF charges that are due to AFTS. Any NSF service charges that are not paid by the payor will be deducted prior to posting subsequent payments. After two NSF payments within a 12 month period, AFTS may require guaranteed funds for future payments. 

AFTS will post payments on all regular banking days except for a few holidays observed by the Post Office and other governmental offices that are not observed by banks. AFTS customer service assistance may still be available for some days that are not regular banking days. 

Office Hours: 
AFTS offices and customer service staff will be available between 8:00 and 5:00 (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday except for Holidays. 

Large Payments: 
Payments by personal or business checks over $20,000 will not be immediately accepted. Instead we will hold the check for 7 days and then post as of date received. We will attempt to contact the payor to make alternate arrangements for guaranteed funds, to hold the funds, or the payment will be returned. Cashier's checks, money orders, and Wire Transfers of any size will be accepted. 

Cash Payments: 
AFTS offices are not properly secured for cash transactions, and change is not available. Cash payments are not accepted. Bank of America (on 1st Ave S., one block south of our Seattle office) will prepare cashier's checks for a fee.

Partial Payments: 
Partial payments will not be posted and disbursed to the payee until the full payment balance is received. They will be retained (less a $10.00 service charge) until a full payment is received. At that time the payment will be posted, disbursed to the payee, and the next due date will be updated. This will insure that the correct terms of a promissory note are fulfilled. A payee may request that we accept partial payments. In this situation the next due date will be updated even though the stated terms of the note are not properly followed.

Post Dated Checks: 
AFTS does not accept post dated checks to be held for future payments. AFTS does encourage using an ACH debit to set up one-time or recurring future payments. Please see ACH Debit section below. 

ACH Debits: 
(Incoming payments) We encourage all payors to authorize electronic payments (ACH Debits) directly from their bank accounts. There is no charge for this service. These authorizations may be changed or discontinued anytime upon payor's request. ACH payments are initiated on the banking day prior to the scheduled debit payment, therefore changes must be communicated to us two banking (2) days prior to the payment date. Fees may apply to changes. 

ACH Credits: 
(Outgoing disbursements) We encourage all payees to receive their disbursements via electronic payments (ACH Credits) directly to their bank accounts. Fees for this service are FREE (for the first disbursement) and less than the charge for mailed checks. Payments to investment companies can usually be handled via ACH also. Changes must be communicated to us two banking (2) days prior to the payment date. Fees may apply to changes. 

Payment Notices: 
Payment notices will be sent to all payors and payees via e-mail for FREE. All payment notices mailed via first class mail to payors and payees will be charged. 

Internet Security: 
Internet access will only be available for those parties to a contract who have provided us with a password for that purpose. Passwords are also assigned as part the initial setup.

AFTS does not provide any account information to parties not involved with the contract. Verification of Mortgage (VOM) are only provided after receipt of a signed request from a party to the contract. AFTS does NOT report information to any credit reporting agencies. 

AFTS does not buy contracts. AFTS does not provide personal information (names, addresses, etc.) to others. As a service to our customers, we do provide information regarding note buyers on our web site (http:\\ and we do periodically insert brochures regarding note buying organizations. AFTS may receive a fee for distributing this information. 

Inactive accounts maintenance: 
Fees are noted as "Per Month", but will be charged on a "Per Payment" basis as long as the account is regularly performing. Any accounts that become inactive, delinquent, or otherwise non-performing and are not cancelled or closed will be back billed for Inactive Account Maintenance on a "Per Month" basis. These charges will be deducted from undisbursed Trust, Reserves, or outstanding checks beyond one year.

Payoffs / Account Closing: 
A payoff quotation (POQ) will be provided to a payor or payee upon request. We must receive written authorization and a Payoff Request Form. There is no charge for this service. A copy of any payoff quotation will be sent to the payee. Corrections should be communicated to us immediately. Payoff funds will be disbursed the same way that normal payments are disbursed unless we are instructed otherwise. All payoff quotations will include our standard payoff servicing fee (account closing fee) unless the contract is paying off in normal amortization. If this fee is not paid by the payor or escrow company, etc., it will be deducted from the payoff proceeds or billed directly to our payee/client. Any account closed or canceled will also incur this fee. For this fee AFTS will provide IRS tax reporting the following January, and for five years: retain electronic transaction records on closed files, provide on-line customer service information (Internet Inquiry) for 2 years, retain paper documents on closed files for two years. 

AFTS is Registered with Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

NMLS ID #337842