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Seller Financing

Seller Financing Program Made Easy!
We Do The Work, You Receive The Benefits!

AFTS Contract Collections service provides third-party handling on contractual obligations between two individuals. We do the work and you receive the benefits. If you receive periodic payments from contracts, trust deeds, or rentals, AFTS Contract Servicing can help you make the most of your investment. AFTS has provided private real estate loan note holders with affordable contract servicing since 1986. 

Note servicing of this type, commonly referred to as contract collections or contract servicing, simplifies your record keeping and can save you time and money. We act as your agent for the collection of your payments from contracts, deeds of trust, or rentals. You spend your time doing what you want, because worrying about changing IRS regulations, computing interest, sending late notices, watching for payment changes or balloon payments can be a real headache. And worst of all, if you do this yourself from a pre-printed amortization schedule, you could easily lose thousands of dollars and not even know it!

The AFTS system handles all this and more with the latest computer technology and a staff of experts in funds transfer and accounting. Our system is ideal for real estate notes and contracts, personal loans, rentals, student loans, child support, campground contracts, and membership fees of all kinds. In fact, it is ideal for any obligation involving periodic payments. We can tailor our services to fit your needs. Our services include:

● Providing the payor with payment coupons and courtesy reply labels for making payments produced by our Laser Printing Services, and which are in turn processed by our Remittance Processing Services.
● Automatically charging payor's bank account on a periodic basis.
● Depositing money automatically into the payee's bank account regardless of the mail or whether or not the payee is even in town.
● Calculating interest, late charges, due dates, etc. to minimize potential disputes.
● Providing reserve accounting, amortization schedules, account history ledgers, payoff quotes, consolidated investor reports, balloon payment calculations, and multiple disbursements when needed.
● Mailing late notices if payments ever fall behind.
● Internet access to account information. (See Account Inquiry above.)
● Mailing annual 1098 & 1099 interest statements to all parties and the IRS for tax reporting purposes.
● Providing toll-free customer service for both you and your payors.
● Giving fast, friendly customer service via mail, FAX, email, or telephone.
● Providing referrals for selling your contract

AFTS is Registered with Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

NMLS ID #337842