MICR Printing Services

AFTS MICR Printing Services are used by various financial institutions to facilitate their MICR needs. MICR (Magnetic Image Character Recognition) is the magnetized computer-looking numbers across the bottom of your checks. These numbers, because they are printed in magnetic ink, exude a different magnetic signature due to their shape. These numbers are readable at very high speeds by bank equipment (called a reader/sorter).

This method of transferring money has been around for quite a while now, and everyone has learned how to do it efficiently. In fact, MICR encoded checks are cheaper for banks to process than electronic transactions, such as EFT and ACH!

AFTS MICR Printing Services are very similar to our Laser Printing Services, in fact, in most cases, a document is laser printed first, and then MICR printed. These are some of the products we have developed using MICR:

Standard turn-around time is 24 hours from receipt of data on recurring jobs, one-time jobs are scheduled according to the level of customization. For pricing, or more information, send email to ricks@afts.com

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